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Perhaps it has a special feeling for sailing, the Franck Muller watch always carries with the marine sign: Vanguard™, Yachting™, and New Saratoge™. The dark blue elements will bring person into the endless ocean. The addition of the wind vane design is the link between the watch craft and the navigation technology that express the support of brand for the navigation industry.

The name Origin of the watch New Saratoge series
Saratoga is a county in the middle east of New York State. The county governor of Ballston Spa, named after Saratoga Springs with its many hot springs.
During the War of Independence in North America, “Sarato Victory” (a famous battle in world history was the turning point of the independence war in the thirteen states of the British colonies of North America).
Saratoga victory turned situation of the entire War of Independence, which not only enhanced the confidence of the American in winning victory. It also created favorable international conditions for American struggle against the British. From then on, the US military turned from strategic defense to strategic attack.
Later, in order to commemorate the battle, the fifth ship of US Navy was named “Saratoga” –USS_Saratoga CV-3.

Franck Muller New Saratoge Series Hollow Watch V45 S6 YACHT
Franck Muller New Saratoge™ watch is inspired by the dynamic Vanguard™.
The watch-body is decorated with nautical details to express its novel understanding of time. And almost each detail of the watch has a strong nautical style.
The distinctive shape of the New Saratoge™ watch complements the bold design of the dial, making the view of time becomes easier.
Perfectly blended with the mechanical classic movement design and the performance of the seven-day power reserve, the watch reflects powerful innovation. The New Saratoge™ watch features a skeleton design with a perspective dial that truly displays the movement components. And all of which are designed and manufactured autonomously by brand. The second hand at 6 o’clock is placed in the same frame as the wind rose.
The balanced design demonstrates passion of watchmakers for craftsmanship and art, as well as their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Franck Muller New Saratoge Series Gravity Skeleton Watch V45 T GR YACHT SQT
New Saratoge™Gravity Skeleton watch is a work of extraordinary Tourbillon frame concept. Using an innovative elliptical structure, it combines cutting-edge technology with the three-dimensional effects.
Gravity Skeleton watch with perspective dial highlights cutting-edge technology. The manual mechanical movement is completely self-designed and manufactured. The hollow Tourbillon allows person to experience an extremely elegant and modern design.
The nautical details, such as the Tourbillon wind rose frame and dark blue decorations reflect extraordinary accomplishments design and high-end manufacture.

Franck Muller has a long history, which is known for its complex watches. And it has launched the Vanguard ICON I Fullback watch—a limited-edition bronze watch created for flying world, and only 38 pieces in Asia.

The high-tech dial features a minute counter, a date window and a target aiming ring remembering of the dashboard in cockpit of aircraft. Fulling of functional beauty, the dial with classic number markers and hands is eye-catching, and the overall design is harmonious.

44 × 53.7 mm of Fanck Muller Vanguard Series can meet the overall operational needs of the watch. The embossed Arab numeral markers add to the level of the watch-dial making the time more varied.

The date-adjusted of ICON I Fullback watch is screw-in and it has a world-class style that exudes the unique character and charm of the fighter.

The elegant and chic case is made of bronze, which is the material that can turn green rust formed over time bringing out the unique temperament of the watch. The ordinary material with exquisite design is undoubtedly a marketing tool for the brand.
Consumers still should choose the watch according to their own needs.

Embellished with a red safety button, the crown accentuates the rugged character and strong style of watch. Moreover, it adds color to the watch that looks even more beautiful.

Although the watch is very sturdy, it is very comfortable to wear. As the bronze case in barrel shape is more suitable for the needs of different sizes of wrists.

All design and production processes for ICON I Fullback watches are carried out at the Watchland Watchmaking Workshop in Genthod, Switzerland. The pattern engraved at the back of the case is the birthplace of the product.

Like the fighter, the ICON I Fullback watch is equipped with a powerful calibre that can provide 42 hours of power reserve. Even if you want to relax your wrist on weekends, watch is still running and will not affect normal work on Monday. So you can spend your leisure time in a confidence way.

The strap is made of leather and rubber that is vintage brown and it is embossed to make the overall style stronger. Inspired by the streamlined look of the fighter jet, the ICON I Fullback watch is an elegant and reliable masterpiece of chronograph watch.

Sum up:
In fact, this Franck Muller Vanguard series ICON I Asian limited edition watch has less innovation. In general, it is basically the consistent style of brand. However, because it is a limited-edition bronze watch, it is still attractive to consumers. In other words, it still has the tendency to speculate in bronze. Even so, this is a great opportunity for collectors to cherish a rare watch.

Cooperation seems to be the best way If the brand wants to achieve long-term development. By complementing or combining in strong ways, the brand can be given new vitality. At the same time, it also expands the development philosophy of brand and provides inexhaustible power for product innovation.

Franck Muller yacht is created by Franck Muller and the Italian Sea Group

Win-win cooperation is a way to increase the chip of the brand. As the reputation of “Master of Complexity”, the watch brand has established a partnership with the Italian Sea Group. Taking this opportunity, Franck Muller launched a new watch—the Vanguard Yachting big three-needle calendar watch paying tribute to the classic.

Yachting series watches pay tribute to craftsmanship and the sailing world
The Vanguard Yachting collection features an auto-sensing Vanguard collection that uses the details of the nautical world to present time in an innovative way. First, the dark blue watch with steel decoration, as if it is a beautiful and romantic pearl falling into the sea. Yachting watch has a unique curve of the Franck Muller yacht incorporating the details of the nautical worlds: dark blue dial/strap, bright white strap stitching and windshield on the dial. No matter which detail, it is the legend of ocean.

The Franck Muller Vanguard Yachting V 45 SC DT YACHTING watch with a three-dimensional Arabic numerals markers, which is not only easy to distinguish time, but also constructs a bold and rough adventure. Dark blue dial is decorated with a beautiful wind vane, which takes the user into the ocean world as if sailing with the wind.

Combined with the complexity of the decoration, the traditional barrel-shaped dial of brand decorated with Geneva corrugated reflects the superb technology of Franck Muller. The rounded date display window(different from the other styles) at 6 o’clock echoes the center-circle of wind vane adding softness and elegance to the watch.

With the FM0800 self-winding movement, the watch provides users with 42 hours of power reserve. Double-material strap: rubber (bottom) with a Cordura fabric (top) strap with white or blue stitching. And together with a folding clasp, the entire watch is harmonious.

Of course, the Yachting collection also has a rose gold watch. Compared with the stainless steel watch, this watch is more feminine and more suitable for gentlemen. In addition to the case, the crown and the pointer are different, the other designs and functions of the two watches are basically the same. If conditions are permitted, people can choose the same series of watches with friends or family members, which have a sense of belonging, and at the same time, also that may increase the intimacy between each other.

Yachting series Rose Gold Watch

FRANCK MULLER offers the Color Drops collection—a new collection designed for women. The baguette blooms in brilliance making this watch a true jewellery piece.

Unlike the other collections of brand, this Color Drops series watch has changed the bucket shape of brand with a rectangular case reflecting a simple and chic experience. Fascinated with colorful gems, the taste of the watch has been upgraded several times making it noble and feminine.

Different sizes of rose gold Arabic markers are distributed around the dial. Careful observation shows that the arrangement of 4-8 is different from other time markers adding a playfulness to the watch.

The center is a small circle that is made of colorful stones that makes watch more elegant. And it is strongly contrasted with the white dial. But it does not affect the overall viewing effect of the watch.

The colored gemstones center-circle with delicate and elegant embossed rose gold digital hour markers, as well as the white patterned dial give consumers the different artistic beauty.

The black hands are particularly eye-catching on a colorful background, so it’s easy to distinguish time. The pumpkin-shaped crown looks a bit thin, which does not affect the practical effect.

The screw of case is also decorated with colored stones, when adding the dial and case, the watch shows the ultimate delicate craftsmanship of brand. The integrated lugs are inlaid with solid gems, which are more elegant. Moreover, the lugs and case are small in size and do not feel heavy when wearing, which is suitable for delicate wrist.

This collection features a Long Island TM shaped case with a red alligator strap and a rose gold clasp. Of course, if you don’t like leather strap, the watch also has a slim rose gold stainless steel bracelet in order to meet the needs of consumers.

Sum up:
The Color Drops series is not just a jewellery product, but also a deduction of feminine beauty of FRANCK MULLER. No matter how to mix it, this collection watch will bring people a luxurious experience.

Movement type: Quartz movement
Display: hour, minute
Waterproof performance: 3 ATM
Dial: Sun embossed lacquered dial with embossed Arabic numerals
46 jewels – 0.21 ct
Case: Long Island: 18K rose gold
48 gems – 2.50 carats
Ruby: 4 – Schaffler Stone: 4 – Sapphire: 40
Case size: Width: 22.90 mm X Length: 40.10 mm X Thickness: 7.15 mm
Strap: Hand-stitched crocodile leather strap

Differences from the above style:
Dial:71 gems – 0.29 carats
Case:48 gems – 3.43 carats
Case size: Width: 22.90 mm X Length: 44.45 mm X Thickness: 7.05mm
Strap: Rose Gold Stainless Steel Strap

In fact, as a brand, it will regularly launch its own limited edition or commemorative products. For one thing, it is order to have a higher visibility for the brand occupying the market. On the other hand, it also reviews and recognizes the development concept of brand.

In 10th anniversary celebration of Crazy Hours series (Born in 2003, its birth also means that the brand declares war on traditional methods challenging the perception of tradition with superb technology and playful attitude towards life), Frank Muller also launched a limited edition watch–only 74 pieces, which is the love of collectors.

The Frank Muller Crazy Hours does not take the usual path making many people fascinated. This watch is a “crazy hour” with markets arranged insanity and hands jumping forward. Franck Muller also has a “complete madness” that includes date disorderly.

In fact, the “disorder” is inaccurate because it contains certain rules: the designer simply expands the original “one grid” (an hour’s scale) by five times through a set of shifting gears. It means that the hand moves five grids per hour, and so on. As the time moves from 1 o’clock to 12 o’clock, the hour hand had rotated nearly 5 turns around the dial. Except the crazy hours, the grain of the dial seems unique and it is easily to enhance the level of the watch.

This watch has black leather strap, which is more comfortable and fashion. At the same it is easy to maintain.

The good occasion of the Crazy Hours series 10th Anniversary Event
In addition to the visit of Mr. Franck Muller to the party, there are also many celebrities attending the event.

The dinner was kicked off by the song of the singer Genevieve Marentette, who was born in the music family and led the guests into the madness of Famulan. Twelve models showcased a variety of branded classics, and the commemorative limited edition watch launched by Crazy Hours on the 10th anniversary is the most popular.

New York Broadway-style dance performance: 12 professional dancers from all over the world, such as the jumping time pointer on the Crazy Hours watch. They gracefully walk around 12 numbers, just like flying on the dial. All show the superb watchmaking craftsmanship and unique creativity of Franck Muller.

Sum up:
The crazy timing method seems to enjoy the life while letting people forget the existence of time, but it hides the rare traditional watchmaking craftsmanship of the brand. And it is a subversion of traditional design.
With sparkling diamonds on the 10th hour mark and 10 logo on the center of the dial, the watch is presented in Cintrée Curvex 18K gold, which is especially valuable for the 10th Anniversary Edition.

When referring to the leather accessories, I believe that almost everyone has relevant knowledge. While we are talking about crocodile skin, yes, a leather that is expensive but still has many consumers. As for why the price of this leather is so high but so popular, there are the following tips will help you answer questions.
Tips on the reason that why crocodile leather is so popular
As a rare, precious and special species, the Crocodile skin is very scarce in the world.
Due to the suspicion of farming conditions and the complexity of techniques, the output is extremely small that might be also a reason for being precious leather.
(2)Long service life
The biggest feature of the Crocodile leather is the long service life. In the process of using, its luster will not disappear with the passage of time but it will be dull. The longer it is used, the more it will reveal its natural luster. So no matter how long it using, it will last forever.
(3)The technique of making leather is very difficult
Due to its own characteristics – the fiber layer gradient is not obvious. So each crocodile skin has a unique effect from the repeated lines, even if with the same craft. The improvement of the crocodile leather production process has always been a difficult problem that the global leather industries are trying to overcome.
With this whirlwind of crocodile, I recommend a pure black crocodile automatic watch—Franck Muller Black Croco Series Watch 8880 SC.
Continuing the classic look of the brand – the Cintrée Curvex barrel-shaped design, this watch seems normal. The surface of the case is made of stainless steel and covered with black PVD coating. It is the integration of the whole watch, which is more elegant and fashionable. Coupled with the unique 3D black pattern design (crocodile pattern), it looks like an extension of the crocodile strap adding luxury and elegance to the watch.
White Arabic numerals contrasts sharply with the black dial. Unique ordering of the markers add spice to this watch. The simple combination makes time easily to distinguish and the efficiency of use is greatly improved.
The watch is equipped with the FM 800 self-winding movement, which is made by the Franck Muller watchmaking factory. And this movement has been used many times in the models of the top ten watch brands, which can prove the superior performance and reliability of this movement. In addition, this movement also provides a 42-hour power reserve that allows people to spend the weekend with peace of mind who don’t wear watches on weekends .
The watch is made of crocodile leather, which is more beautiful and very eye-catching accessory. Together with the fine handcrafted, the leather strap is more comfortable to wear and provides the perfect experience for the customers.

As the most legendary and sophisticated watch of Franck Muller, Crazy Hours series recently celebrated its 15-year-old birthday. For this reason, the brand held a special birthday party in Singapore, during the month of March, to celebrate the happy hour on the theme of “Confused Disorderly “. It was reported that the birthday party was very grand and the Mr. Franck Muller attended the party to express his appreciation for the event.

Although Crazy Hours series has launched dozens of styles since its birth, the 15th anniversary Asian special edition watch that is launched in this year still gives people a bright feeling with more rich in color, and looks more energetic.

Overall overview of Crazy Hours series watch
Equipped with FRANCK MULLER’s famous Cintrée Curvex case, the Crazy Hours’ 15th Anniversary Asian Special Edition is unique and full of personality. The Crazy Hours series watch has complex device, which is also the essence of the watch’s popularity.

The dial breaks through the traditional way to display time. And the expressing time as an abstract concept – the value of time varies from person to person. The Arabic number markers of this watch are not displayed in order. Therefore, every 60 minutes, the hour hand will quickly move to the other side of the dial and jump to the next correct number. And at the same time, the minute hand will rotate along the traditional 60-minute outer ring of the dial. This design seems quite funny.

Recommended watch style
The models of men: 39.6mm*55.4mm 8880 or 36mm*50.4mm 7880.
Black or blue dial that is decorated sunbursts adding a rich palette of colour to the watch. The five-point marker on the inner flange is painted green, blue or black and the watch is fitted with the corresponding crocodile leather strap.

The models of female: 5850 with 32.1mm*45.1mm.
And the size is relatively compact. There are two kinds of styles: Chinese red and feminine pink. Pure white radiant dial with the Arabic numerals on the dial are also painted to the corresponding color of the watch, and at the same time, crocodile leather strap also has the same color.

In addition to the variety of color and models, there are still many options for the material of the case. Available style in stainless steel, stainless steel with diamond-studded, red gold or red gold with diamond-studded. When plus a variety of color straps, arrange and combine, the style that you can choose from more than 40 kinds. And the case of various materials is available in three sizes (39.60mm x 55.40mm, 36.00mm x 50.40mm and 32.10mm x 45.10mm). The styles of men or women are also available in each from. I believe that you will find the one you love most.

This vibrant watch should be very flattering. I believe that this beautiful color combining with the fun design will definitely give people a different enjoyment.

Established formally in Geneva Switzerland in 1992, Franck Muller is one of top wristwatch brands all over the world. Most people are familiar with famous wristwatch brands, which have a long history of more than a hundred years, or at least fifty years; while Franck Muller has been a top brand , although it has a long history for twenty-five years. The founder Franck Muller is interested in combining watchmaking craftsmanship with unlimited creativity. It is the reason why Franck Muller has a great vogue as a featured watch brand rapidly.

Franck Muller watch features tonneau case style, crazy hour markers and vintage and unique Roman hour markers. The Master Square™ model is inspired by Franck Muller’s taste for the Art Deco movement. Harmony and balance are the watchwords when it comes to describing the design of the Master Square. With unique Roman hour markers and square case, Franck Muller Master Square with white leather strap shows its balanced design, strong character and ultimate purity.

With the development and popularity of Franck Muller, a great number of replica watches springs up. How much do you know about Franck Muller replicas? Maybe the post will help you a little. Replica Franck Muller Master Square 6002 M QZ D CD 1R with White Leather Strap as an example.
1. The replica Franck Muller watch isn’t found on official website, so it is a replica watch that has some features of Franck Muller watch. As for its performance, I will say something useful from its materials and movement.
2. If you are willing to spend some time on Franck Muller official website, you will find that the same design for the watch case and the dial as the replica Franck Muller Master Square watch, and the same as the crocodile leather strap. In a word, it borrowed some elements from two or more real watches.
3. Maybe you begin to dislike the replica watch, and you needn’t do that. Because the replica Franck Muller watch has balanced design and good quality. The watchmaker adopted Swiss 316L stainless steel to produce its case and leather clasp. It’s well-known that Swiss 316L stainless steel with corrosion resistance and good texture is used to produce papermaking equipment, pipelines, buildings, the bracelet and case of the luxury watch, jewelry, medical instruments and so on. It doesn’t make any impact on human skin. The diamonds are inserted in bezel by some good technologies, fabulous and shiny. Crocodile leather strap (I’m not sure, it may be genuine leather strap or some others.) will be adjusted for your wrist and always cozy for any occasions.
4. Replica Franck Muller Master Square watch with diamonds bezel is equipped with Japan Quartz (Battery) Kinetic movement, an automatic movement. Kinetic watch operates by arm swinging, even more precisely than selfwinding mechanical watch. In fact, battery quartz movement is more accurate than mechanical movement.

Replica Franck Muller Master Square 6002 M QZ D CD 1R with White Leather Strap is appropriate for men or women, presenting your unique charm.