Many watch collectors are interested in adding new watches to their collection since they are fashion accessories and also increase in value over time. They are interested in watches that are unique since their value is more likely to increase. Specifically many collectors are interested in Haute Horlogerie watches, which are extremely high-end mechanical watches of excellent quality which are not mass-produced. One of the most famous Haute Horlogerie brands is Franck Muller. Hence many watch collectors are interested in getting the news and history of FRANCK MULLER so that they can purchase a suitable watch


Franck Muller was known for his craftsmanship among watch specialists even before he started making his watches. When he was studying watchmaking in college, he became famous for repairing complicated timepieces. He started making complicated watches manually in 1986 itself, though only a few watches were being produced in a year. In 1992, he formed the company, Franck Muller, to manufacture high-end luxury watches with the case maker Vartan Sir makes. The company set up its manufacturing facility Watchland at Genthod near Geneva with the latest manufacturing equipment and technology to make watches of the highest quality.


Many watch buyers would like to find out the reasons for FRANCK MULLER becoming a top watch brand within a short period of ten years. One of the reasons is the craftsmanship of the watches since Franck Muller is considered one of the best watchmakers in the world, who reinvented the Tourbillon watch. He specializes in technical complications, proprietary innovations and has more than fifty world patents and premieres in his name. The company claims to have manufactured the most complicated watch in the world in 2007, the Aeternitas Mega with 36 complications and 1843 different parts. Though it has a number of extremely expensive, complicated watches, there are some watches like Crazy Hours which are affordable, making it a popular brand.


Another reason why Franck Muller has become popular is that it has its own distinctive case design, the Cintree Curvex case, with a tonneau curved body in three dimensions. The dials are also well designed and available in different colors like blue. Franck Muller showed his mastery in the art of watchmaking with the Crazy Hours watch, which has its numbers randomly distributed on the dial. The watch case, movements, and dials are also manufactured in house at its factory in Genthod to ensure the highest quality. The different types of watch collections are Great Complications, Imperial Tourbillon, Master Mystery, Casablanca and Jewelry watches.