Franck Muller Cintree Curvex


As a well-known master of the Grandes complex art scene, Franck Muller welcomed more than 2,500 guests at the 29th WPHH at the Geneva Manor in the heart of the Watchland. From January 14th to 18th, in people’s eager anticipation, the brand welcomed the opportunity to showcase its two new buildings. The two new buildings will provide a separate venue for all of its watchmakers, as well as new timepieces, including the innovative and atypical Remember watch.

This week, in the heart of Genthod, the beautiful Watchland welcomes more than 2,500 guests to the 29th World Haute Horlogerie, overlooking Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. The watch industry elite gathered here to visit two newly built buildings, where Franck Muller was founded nearly 30 years ago. The project now offers a separate venue for 450 craftsmen and employees to handle every stage of watch production. These two new buildings and an additional 16,000 square meters of floor space highlight the unique character of Watchland. The unique architectural features of Switzerland showcase the success of Maison Franck Muller. The assembly process that was previously set up in Meyrin will be concentrated in the same watch factory. Vartan Sirmakes, CEO of the watch brand, said, “I am very happy to welcome so many people to this special place and share their passion with us”.

The 2,500 guests attending the event will be able to stroll through this beautiful garden and have the opportunity to meet with the branded watchmakers with extensive expertise in two new buildings.

In this way, Franck Muller presented several new collections in 2019, including Vanguard Crazy Hours, Vanguard Lady Skeleton, Vanguard Racing, Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton, and Skafander. Not to mention a new series featuring a time-forward interpretation, called Remember.

Franck Muller Famulan implements the brand’s bold style and playful design, launching the new Remember series, giving a new concept of time and adding interest to those who pursue a taste of life.

At first glance, Remember’s dial is adorned with traditional Arabic numerals. The time is displayed in a new way, and the hour, minute and second hands turn in a “counterclockwise” direction, breaking the routine. This completely different watch is like a wonderful ability to reversible time and space, leading us into the world of time.

Franck Muller is a masterpiece of bold creativity and craftsmanship. The extraordinary Remember series expresses the magical and precious memory power, which is like extending the beautiful moments infinitely, making fans of watches and watches fascinated. Available in 18k rose gold, white gold, and stainless steel, it is elegant and cute, allowing high-end watch lovers to show their unique style in the inherent timing, and enjoy every minute.

Franck Muller is a brand that is unforgettable. The shape of the barrel, the hollow design, the tourbillon, and the curved dome are all classic elements of it. And it just these details let the brand stand out in many mechanical watches. Because it is a complicated design watch, there is a flaw in the thickness of the watch case. However, Franck Muller ladies’ watch compensates for the shortcomings of the brand. Although the thickness has not changed, it is visually lighter and much thinner.

Today, I mainly share some Franck Muller ladies’ watches in the shape of barrel. And they all have very cute styles, which are very suitable for well-behaved ladies. To challenge the established rules of the fine watch, Franck Muller has launched the Vanguard Heart Skeleton Bucket with its timeless classics feature.

The Franck Muller New Saratoge collection is available in two materials: rose gold and stainless steel. The Vanguard Heart Skeleton Bucket watch combines harmonious design with clever construction. Inspired by a feminine heart-shaped pattern, the dial of this watch perfectly balances its creative design.

Designed and manufactured in-house, it is driven by a manual mechanical movement consisting of 153 parts and set with 23 jewels. The heart-shaped design makes this ingenuity.

All the details of this watch are carefully thought out and fit on the delicate wrist to add a touch of glamour to the wrist. The craftsmanship of this Franck Muller Vanguard Heart Skeleton Bucket watch is to make the heart-shaped pattern an integral part of the mechanical device with a see-through dial, showing all its versatility and movement components.

Franck Muller New Saratoge Series Vanguard Heart Skeleton Bucket watch embodies the modern and elegant temperament of women, combining a masculine shape with the ultimate femininity. Franck Muller unique feminine temperament showcases all its exquisite craftsmanship and elegance.

Franck Muller New Saratoge V38 S6 SQT HEART Skeleton Red Stainless Steel Watch
Franck Muller New Saratoge V38 S6 SQT HEART Skeleton Red 18K Rose Gold Watch

The Franck Muller Cintree Curvex series 3080 T D CD barrel watch is more versatile.
Pink crocodile leather strap is the luxury watch with diamond dial and bezel.while the red crocodile leather strap watch is relatively simple. Both watches are equipped with a tourbillon, and the cherry and cherry blossom patterns on the dial are very beautiful.
Because the pink style is a diamond-set dial, the technical requirements are relatively high. However, it is still very popular. Equipped with the Franck Muller FM 2001 movement, the watch is available with a 60H power reserve.

Franck Muller Cintree Curvex 3080 T D CD Pink Diamond Watch
Franck Muller Cintree Curvex 3080 T D CD Red 18K White Gold Watch