Franck Muller Vanguard


Christmas is approaching, and Franck Muller presents timeless charm with some exclusive watches, including The Vanguard Crazy Hours series representing the brand’s innovative spirit and technological accomplishment, Double Mystery elegantly interpreting lady styles. The diamonds, gems and special time displays highlight the brand’s “pampering” for female watch lovers. The holiday season is, of course, a good time for lovers to express their true love. For gentlemen who are passionate about machinery, Vanguard Gravity Tourbillon is the best choice; and the Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady’s watch with diamonds in the same color is amazing-special hour jump display function meets the dual needs of female watch enthusiasts for external design and internal technical functions.

For ladies: Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady watches are set with sparkling diamonds. The non-sequential display of digital time scales breaks the tradition and brings a unique and fun way to read the time. The hour hand will jump to the next correct digital time scale every 60 minutes, showing fashion in a casual way. The genuine alligator leather strap sets off the charming elegance.

The classic Double Mystery is created with the exquisite craftsmanship of Franck Muller. The exquisite design highlights the elegance and charm of women. Equipped with the hour and minute turntables with different speeds, inlaid with fine diamonds on the inside and outside, to get rid of pointers or digital scales, subvert the tradition, and define a new way of reading with gemstone time scales.

For gentleman: Vanguard Crazy Hours timepieces are bold and avant-garde in design, demonstrating the brand’s strength and unique aesthetics, suitable for fashion people who are not afraid of adventure. The dial is paired with embossed figures, the winding crown controls the hour-jump module and the automatic movement. The moving curve adds a different dynamic to Vanguard’s classic design.

For couples: The Vanguard Gravity Tourbillon watches are an ideal combination of advanced technology and sporty style. It is the perfect gift for lovers who seek precise timing tools. The perfect line blends the extraordinary power of the mechanical device. This watch has an outstanding design and presents a unique tourbillon frame concept with an innovative oval dial and aluminum structure. The 16 pieces of brilliant-cut diamonds decorated on 18k white gold buckle of the handmade alligator strap add refinement and value to the watch.

Although I have been mixed in the watchmaking for a few years, it can only be seen if I encounter hundreds of thousands of dollars of watches. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I cannot offer them.

However, wearing a watch may not be an elite, or it may be scum. If a watch in the hands of scum, how can the outcome be imagined? Let’s look at a real case first.

One night, Tony drove in the suburbs of Tennessee. Because the speed was too fast, he slipped out of control and rushed out of the road. He accidentally crushed the camping of Danny on the roadside lawn. There is $860,000 Franck Muller and cell phone in the handbag. In this crushing, the watch is naturally “smashed”. Later, he went to the insurance company to make a claim. When the insurance company reviewed it, it found that the case seemed familiar.

A few months ago, in Kentucky, a $300,000 Swiss women watch was hit hard. Then the insurance company offers a premium of up to $300,000. After the investigation, they are criminal gangs. So the insurance company immediately called the police.

They bought second-hand watches on the Internet and then collided with each other to pretend to be a traffic accident, thus achieving the purpose of defrauding high premiums. Since the insurance claim is paid according to the public price of the new watch. It is this tempting huge reward that allows them to take risks.

So, which watch is the $860,000 Franck Muller in this case? We know that the price of the Franck Muller entry is usually less than $80,000. When it comes to Franck Muller high-end models, Vanguard is champion.

Vanguard has always been a series of brands that symbolize the evolution and innovation of watchmaking technology. Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity uses a new hollow design watch that combines cutting-edge technology with sophisticated craftsmanship. The innovative structure of the movement includes a bridge that has been modified into a bump to give the watch a unique look. The intricate structure and striking lines of this hollowed-out Gravity watch are eye-catching with a vibrant tourbillon frame and cutout fingers for a striking effect.

The texture and shape of case echo the pioneering style of Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity, demonstrating the strong personality of this watch. The master watchmakers of Watchland use their exquisite craftsmanship and use exceptional materials to create this Gravity Skeleton watch that combines clever design and innovative technology.
Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity Skeleton watch is available in a variety of colors and looks unique. It is also the result of top Swiss watchmaking. Aluminum parts are anodized, so you can choose different colors, such as orange, yellow, blue, purple, etc.

Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity Skeleton watch

Nowadays, the determination of women to pursue a new life is also expanding a little bit. Women who are exposed to new things are also improving their tastes. They will work hard for things they like, because it will make them happy and improve their happiness index. So Franck Muller, a luxury watch brand in Geneva, offers sincerity to women of the new era: Vanguard series white gold diamond ladies watch. Interpret the charm of women with beautiful details.

Tips on how does Franck Muller win over customers
The brand has created a precedent with innovative and complex technology combining with meticulous design. It has a number of patents and welcomed by the world. Each masterpiece of the watch contains the essence of Franck Muller. It creates technological innovations for the history of fine watchmaking. More significant, engraved with infinite creativity and the highest quality mark, it has won the reputation of “Master of Complex Functions”.

Inspired by the classic bucket of Franck Muller, with a well-cut round diamond, it blends luxury and charm on the wrist. Embossed with a sun-embossed dial, color dreams, digital hour markers, Vanguard Automatic is feminine and chic revealing the cuteness and innocence of women through the watch. And this watch has a pink leather strap that adds a girly touch to the wearer.

While the new Vanguard Lady diamond watch with grey hour markers and a new sporty image is a showcase of ladies’ strong and elegant appearance.

Therefore, women are the most fickle: she can be very cute, like a child. And she can also be very feminine, as elegant as the Virgin. No matter which side is the most perfect emotional expression.

Parameters Display of Franck Muller Vanguard Series Watch
Franck Muller Vanguard Automatic White Gold Diamond Watch
Movement type: automatic machinery
Dial color: silver white
Dial shape: barrel shape
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Dial mechanism: colored Arabic digital applique hour markers, 18k white gold willow coated pointer, chronograph bezel, 18k white gold and diamond dial
Crown: 18k white money coin crown inlaid with pink ornaments
Strap: pink crocodile leather strap with white gold buckle

Franck Muller Vanguard Lady White Gold Diamond Watch
Movement type: automatic machinery
Dial color: silver white
Dial shape: barrel shape
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Dial mechanism: gray metallic Arabic numerals applique hour markers, black hollow stick-shaped pointers decorated with white coating and white coated red-edged arrow-shaped seconds hand, chronograph bezel, direction indicator, round date display window at 6 o’clock Location, 18k white gold and diamond dial
Crown: 18k white gold pumpkin pattern crown inlaid with gray metallic decorations
Strap: black crocodile leather strap with white gold buckle

Franck Muller has a long history, which is known for its complex watches. And it has launched the Vanguard ICON I Fullback watch—a limited-edition bronze watch created for flying world, and only 38 pieces in Asia.

The high-tech dial features a minute counter, a date window and a target aiming ring remembering of the dashboard in cockpit of aircraft. Fulling of functional beauty, the dial with classic number markers and hands is eye-catching, and the overall design is harmonious.

44 × 53.7 mm of Fanck Muller Vanguard Series can meet the overall operational needs of the watch. The embossed Arab numeral markers add to the level of the watch-dial making the time more varied.

The date-adjusted of ICON I Fullback watch is screw-in and it has a world-class style that exudes the unique character and charm of the fighter.

The elegant and chic case is made of bronze, which is the material that can turn green rust formed over time bringing out the unique temperament of the watch. The ordinary material with exquisite design is undoubtedly a marketing tool for the brand.
Consumers still should choose the watch according to their own needs.

Embellished with a red safety button, the crown accentuates the rugged character and strong style of watch. Moreover, it adds color to the watch that looks even more beautiful.

Although the watch is very sturdy, it is very comfortable to wear. As the bronze case in barrel shape is more suitable for the needs of different sizes of wrists.

All design and production processes for ICON I Fullback watches are carried out at the Watchland Watchmaking Workshop in Genthod, Switzerland. The pattern engraved at the back of the case is the birthplace of the product.

Like the fighter, the ICON I Fullback watch is equipped with a powerful calibre that can provide 42 hours of power reserve. Even if you want to relax your wrist on weekends, watch is still running and will not affect normal work on Monday. So you can spend your leisure time in a confidence way.

The strap is made of leather and rubber that is vintage brown and it is embossed to make the overall style stronger. Inspired by the streamlined look of the fighter jet, the ICON I Fullback watch is an elegant and reliable masterpiece of chronograph watch.

Sum up:
In fact, this Franck Muller Vanguard series ICON I Asian limited edition watch has less innovation. In general, it is basically the consistent style of brand. However, because it is a limited-edition bronze watch, it is still attractive to consumers. In other words, it still has the tendency to speculate in bronze. Even so, this is a great opportunity for collectors to cherish a rare watch.