Replica Franck Muller Conquistador


If you are tired of observing the round dial of the stereotype, and are also annoyed with a rigid square watch. Maybe this elegant design replica Franck Muller Conquistador GPG barrel chronograph watch will be your favorite choice. The unique design makes it full of elegant vintage and even nostalgic feeling. Today, the blogger recommends this unique and charming wine barrel replica watch for person, and I believe that it will bring people the unique and wonderful experience.

The watch is made entirely of rose gold and black, with a red and white color dial. Two small dials match the center circle, like a little monster. In addition, the red coating gives the name of the summer of heel to the watch. The double crowns on both sides of the watch are identical in shape, showing the symmetry of the watch. And the chronograph buttons have not been improved, which have the same shape as the previous model.

In fact, this replica watch combines the basic elements of the brand without much innovation. While the introduction of rubber strap adds a lot of charm to the watch. Rubber straps are mostly found on sports-style watches. And it is very popular between brands and consumers. However, the rubber strap seems to be unpopular in the 20 years ago.

The knowledge about rubber strap review
When rubber material was first used in watches, no one was optimistic about its vitality. Because it gives people a cheap feeling. Today, this material has become synonymous with “fashion” and is very suitable for sports watches.

The advantages
Compared with any material straps, the rubber strap is completely perfect in waterproof and moisture-proof . This is also the biggest advantage of rubber straps. In general, the rubber strap will be matched with the same material case to achieve complete waterproofing. Secondly, the rubber strap has a stronger anti-wear characteristics than the leather strap.
In summary, rubber straps or all-rubber watches are favored by divers, lifeguards, wilderness adventurers or practitioners who need frequent contact with water.

The three tips on how to clean rubber strap
1. Wash – water soaked strap
2. Brush – carefully brushed with a small brush
3. Dry – cleaned and dried naturally

The disadvantages
Understand the advantages of rubber straps, and finally we will talk about shortcomings.
The rubber band is prone to aging. And depending on the temperature, there are different degrees of damages: fracture, hardening, softening, discoloration and the like. The rubber material looks more affordable and has no other material value. More significant, it is not suitable for wearing in winter.
The purchase of rubber strap is usually matched with steel strip. If there is only one rubber strap, it is recommended to buy one more as a spare.

Brand culture
Franck Muller is a watchmaker with extensive experience. He founded the watch brand named after himself more than ten years ago. The watch-body image of the barrel and the exaggerated digital scale are the hallmarks and symbols of the Franck Muller brand. The retro emotions that the barrel-shaped body has set around the world have made Franck Muller famous. Even today, although the brand has only a decade of history, it has become a classic of watch brands. Today, Bo mainly shares the replica Franck Muller 9900 SC DT GPD F1 Singapore 2009 Limited Education Black watch. An outdoor watch that bloggers like very much, which is suitable for hiking friends.

Replica watch details
The chronograph bezel (10-60) is unique in shape and attractive. Tonneau shape is the symbol of steady and unique which is more eye-catching than other styles. Different size of the white Arabic Numbers on the black dial seems amazing but funny. 48mm diameter dial is perfect size for men who love outside traveling. Red-white paint at the black hour and minute hands seems obvious and the white second hand with red paint around is a little lovely among the other items. In the middle circle, four directions with white or red makers on themselves stations indicating the destination that you want to go. Date window above 6 o’clock, which is difficult to have a number among the complex dial. Maybe there are some methods to solve this problem to satisfy the user. Sapphire Crystal can offer a clean view for the owner to look for what he/she wants to find out.
Screw crown and the chronograph buttons are located on either side of the bezel for easy operation. and each of them has the logo of the brand. The material of the case is Black PVD Steel that is mysterious and elegant. Screw-down watch back can ensure the safe of the ASIAN Mechanical movement, which making the watch works well.
The one-piece lugs are paired with a leather strap to enhance the comfort of the watch.
Black genuine leather with red stitching that has a strong contrast reflecting the luxury and modern experience. Engraved with the logo of Franck Muller, the inner side of the strap is red which is bright and enthusiasm. Ardillon Buckle is the exclusive configuration of the leather strap offering a wonderful experience for owner.

Sum up
This is a replica watch with multiple functions and integration. Though it is clone, made by Japanese Miyota is also the safeguard of the quality. Due to the ASIAN Mechanical movement, the watch has the same function as the real one that operates smooth and steady.