Replica Franck Muller Color Dreams


A watch is a kind of favorite thing that people like to wear. The so-called beloved thing is bound to have the perfect fate with the owner. The things of love often reflect certain characteristics of the master. It has the similar resonance with the owner, but also complements each other.
For the shape of watches, most of them are round. Because the circle is the most matey graphic. And it can be matched with any graphics, lines, materials. So it is a harmonious figure. However, if you always wear one styling watch, it is a bit monotonous and it might be aesthetic fatigue.
In fact, in addition to the circular shape watch, there are also barrel-shaped watch, oval watch, square watch and other graphics to choose from, which can make the scenery on the wrist be more diverse. Now, let’s take a look at the square watch—Franck Muller Master Square Color Dreams 6002 L QZ V replica watch.

The details of this replica watch
30mm diameter white dial with colorful markers is square that is more special than other forms.
The colorful Arabic Numbers markers stay in different ways as themselves. It is known that the marker-circle always at the brand of the dial, while this watch is at the center of the dial that seems quite unique. And this design makes the dial simple and funny.
Due to the silver polished case that is made of Swiss 316L Steel, the replica watch offers a beautiful appearance.
Black genuine leather strap is connected with case by the screw needle, which is a little classic.
Though it is a replica watch, the quartz movement still owns good function. As this Franck Muller Master Square Color Dreams replica watch is made from Japanese Miyota, so the quality is guaranteed.

On account of the square watch is so popular, there are some tips on how to choose a perfect square watch. As follows:
About women
For a lady who wants to be able woman, the sharp edges and corners of the square watch are more powerful showing the lofty ideals in her heart. Of course, for a woman who wants to try a neutral style, and the square dial with simple three-dimensional geometry that is very suitable. At the same time it is simple and easy to take, while not losing elegance.
About men
For elegant gentlemen, the square watch can reflect the masculinity of men. Compared to the softness of the circle, the square is more individual and the simple lines give people a sense of dependence.
Of course, in addition to the above factors, people should also consider the body shape. Thin person chooses a round watch that looks a little cute. And the fat person may have the square shape that can balance the body.

Why is Franck Muller watch, which has only been for more than 20 years, repeatedly being favored by many watch fans? I think that in addition to its solid movement work, another feature is the excellent design. Be aware that this top fashion brand watch has been sought after by many big stars and celebrities: Ronaldo, Medvedev who is Russian president. Today, I will bring you a lady’s knockoff watch. The glamorous color and style is the first impression when seeing it: Frank Muller COLOR DREAMS.
If use a word to describe this watch, I’m afraid I can’t think of none. Because I think that a single vocabulary can’t express its full beauty.
Dial structure of this knockoff watch
The dial is silver-white and markers with various colors. The two dark night hands also use a less common design shape. I really have no idea about how to describe this shape. Anyone who knows can post a message.
The thickness of case is about 10 mm, and the four corners are curved. In addition to the beautiful personality, this design has the advantage of being more comfortable to wear.
The case back of the watch is made of 18K gold sealing material, and the transparent bottom is not used. Because this watch uses a quartz movement, even if it is transparent, the viewing quality will be greatly reduced.
The intimate design between the strap and lugs is a small blocking buckle preventing the strap from bending too much, which can better protect the strap and wearing comfort.
The crown is really a silvery. Because it is a quartz movement, there is only one head for adjusting watch.
The hand-stitched crocodile strap looks good. The inside of the strap is engraved with the English name of Franck Muller, and the stitching on both sides is also more closely matched with the color outside the strap.
The silver dial with the royal blue crocodile leather strap is very elegant and stylish. Ideal for evening parties or important meetings, and this watch will give you confidence and charm. The stylish design style makes the customers love it.
Summary: Youth is colorful and it is also the wonderful thing for girls who always search for dreams.This design style of watch, beautiful color matching and top-level workmanship is in line with the dreams of young girls. And this knockoff watch has a quite low price which people can offer it easily. Don’t you want to be colorful girl together?