When referring to the leather accessories, I believe that almost everyone has relevant knowledge. While we are talking about crocodile skin, yes, a leather that is expensive but still has many consumers. As for why the price of this leather is so high but so popular, there are the following tips will help you answer questions.
Tips on the reason that why crocodile leather is so popular
As a rare, precious and special species, the Crocodile skin is very scarce in the world.
Due to the suspicion of farming conditions and the complexity of techniques, the output is extremely small that might be also a reason for being precious leather.
(2)Long service life
The biggest feature of the Crocodile leather is the long service life. In the process of using, its luster will not disappear with the passage of time but it will be dull. The longer it is used, the more it will reveal its natural luster. So no matter how long it using, it will last forever.
(3)The technique of making leather is very difficult
Due to its own characteristics – the fiber layer gradient is not obvious. So each crocodile skin has a unique effect from the repeated lines, even if with the same craft. The improvement of the crocodile leather production process has always been a difficult problem that the global leather industries are trying to overcome.
With this whirlwind of crocodile, I recommend a pure black crocodile automatic watch—Franck Muller Black Croco Series Watch 8880 SC.
Continuing the classic look of the brand – the Cintrée Curvex barrel-shaped design, this watch seems normal. The surface of the case is made of stainless steel and covered with black PVD coating. It is the integration of the whole watch, which is more elegant and fashionable. Coupled with the unique 3D black pattern design (crocodile pattern), it looks like an extension of the crocodile strap adding luxury and elegance to the watch.
White Arabic numerals contrasts sharply with the black dial. Unique ordering of the markers add spice to this watch. The simple combination makes time easily to distinguish and the efficiency of use is greatly improved.
The watch is equipped with the FM 800 self-winding movement, which is made by the Franck Muller watchmaking factory. And this movement has been used many times in the models of the top ten watch brands, which can prove the superior performance and reliability of this movement. In addition, this movement also provides a 42-hour power reserve that allows people to spend the weekend with peace of mind who don’t wear watches on weekends .
The watch is made of crocodile leather, which is more beautiful and very eye-catching accessory. Together with the fine handcrafted, the leather strap is more comfortable to wear and provides the perfect experience for the customers.