Perhaps it has a special feeling for sailing, the Franck Muller watch always carries with the marine sign: Vanguard™, Yachting™, and New Saratoge™. The dark blue elements will bring person into the endless ocean. The addition of the wind vane design is the link between the watch craft and the navigation technology that express the support of brand for the navigation industry.

The name Origin of the watch New Saratoge series
Saratoga is a county in the middle east of New York State. The county governor of Ballston Spa, named after Saratoga Springs with its many hot springs.
During the War of Independence in North America, “Sarato Victory” (a famous battle in world history was the turning point of the independence war in the thirteen states of the British colonies of North America).
Saratoga victory turned situation of the entire War of Independence, which not only enhanced the confidence of the American in winning victory. It also created favorable international conditions for American struggle against the British. From then on, the US military turned from strategic defense to strategic attack.
Later, in order to commemorate the battle, the fifth ship of US Navy was named “Saratoga” –USS_Saratoga CV-3.

Franck Muller New Saratoge Series Hollow Watch V45 S6 YACHT
Franck Muller New Saratoge™ watch is inspired by the dynamic Vanguard™.
The watch-body is decorated with nautical details to express its novel understanding of time. And almost each detail of the watch has a strong nautical style.
The distinctive shape of the New Saratoge™ watch complements the bold design of the dial, making the view of time becomes easier.
Perfectly blended with the mechanical classic movement design and the performance of the seven-day power reserve, the watch reflects powerful innovation. The New Saratoge™ watch features a skeleton design with a perspective dial that truly displays the movement components. And all of which are designed and manufactured autonomously by brand. The second hand at 6 o’clock is placed in the same frame as the wind rose.
The balanced design demonstrates passion of watchmakers for craftsmanship and art, as well as their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Franck Muller New Saratoge Series Gravity Skeleton Watch V45 T GR YACHT SQT
New Saratoge™Gravity Skeleton watch is a work of extraordinary Tourbillon frame concept. Using an innovative elliptical structure, it combines cutting-edge technology with the three-dimensional effects.
Gravity Skeleton watch with perspective dial highlights cutting-edge technology. The manual mechanical movement is completely self-designed and manufactured. The hollow Tourbillon allows person to experience an extremely elegant and modern design.
The nautical details, such as the Tourbillon wind rose frame and dark blue decorations reflect extraordinary accomplishments design and high-end manufacture.