As the most legendary and sophisticated watch of Franck Muller, Crazy Hours series recently celebrated its 15-year-old birthday. For this reason, the brand held a special birthday party in Singapore, during the month of March, to celebrate the happy hour on the theme of “Confused Disorderly “. It was reported that the birthday party was very grand and the Mr. Franck Muller attended the party to express his appreciation for the event.

Although Crazy Hours series has launched dozens of styles since its birth, the 15th anniversary Asian special edition watch that is launched in this year still gives people a bright feeling with more rich in color, and looks more energetic.

Overall overview of Crazy Hours series watch
Equipped with FRANCK MULLER’s famous Cintrée Curvex case, the Crazy Hours’ 15th Anniversary Asian Special Edition is unique and full of personality. The Crazy Hours series watch has complex device, which is also the essence of the watch’s popularity.

The dial breaks through the traditional way to display time. And the expressing time as an abstract concept – the value of time varies from person to person. The Arabic number markers of this watch are not displayed in order. Therefore, every 60 minutes, the hour hand will quickly move to the other side of the dial and jump to the next correct number. And at the same time, the minute hand will rotate along the traditional 60-minute outer ring of the dial. This design seems quite funny.

Recommended watch style
The models of men: 39.6mm*55.4mm 8880 or 36mm*50.4mm 7880.
Black or blue dial that is decorated sunbursts adding a rich palette of colour to the watch. The five-point marker on the inner flange is painted green, blue or black and the watch is fitted with the corresponding crocodile leather strap.

The models of female: 5850 with 32.1mm*45.1mm.
And the size is relatively compact. There are two kinds of styles: Chinese red and feminine pink. Pure white radiant dial with the Arabic numerals on the dial are also painted to the corresponding color of the watch, and at the same time, crocodile leather strap also has the same color.

In addition to the variety of color and models, there are still many options for the material of the case. Available style in stainless steel, stainless steel with diamond-studded, red gold or red gold with diamond-studded. When plus a variety of color straps, arrange and combine, the style that you can choose from more than 40 kinds. And the case of various materials is available in three sizes (39.60mm x 55.40mm, 36.00mm x 50.40mm and 32.10mm x 45.10mm). The styles of men or women are also available in each from. I believe that you will find the one you love most.

This vibrant watch should be very flattering. I believe that this beautiful color combining with the fun design will definitely give people a different enjoyment.