For fashion, the views of men and women are the same: personality. In nowadays society, with the development of technology, many things have begun mass production, and the differences are gradually narrowing. When people pursue individuality, they need something different and advertise their character. And the watch may be a very intuitive logo. The product styles of Frank Muller are unique: the shape of the barrel, the complex internal structure and the hollow design, which one is classic. All of this features are the embodiment of personality. Today I will introduce another style of the Franck Muller Infinity series replica watch—a personality stage belongs to the dial.

These two replica watches are all have rectangular appearance (the men watch is relatively slender and the women watch is a little small). However, the four corners of the case were polished to make the surface of the watch smoother. The cool-tone coating of black PVD steel is more suitable for elegant men. And the gold-plated steel is brighter in color and can set off the feminine beauty of women. The 3778 QZ R AL black watch with white Arabic numbers markers and white hands, which makes the entire dial very clear and seems more modern. In addition to being easy to distinguish the time, it is also more attractive for customers. The 18K champagne gold lady watch has a colored Roman numbers markers. When it is paired with a red pointer on a white dial, the combination of these colors belongs to the dial is very beautiful. In fact, the positions of the time scales that are the part of the two watches are basically the same, this design makes the dial not monotonous.

The brand logos are floating above the dial of these two replica watches, which is looming, and it is a little mystery. The case is introduced with a curved design, which can fit the wrist well. Engraved with coins, the crown has the same color is easy to use. Comfortable with a simple and stylish black crocodile leather strap, the watch offer a suitable using experience.

The Quartz (Battery) movement is used in both replica watches, which are the basic configuration of the replica watches. In addition to reducing costs, it is also very convenient to use. What’s more, it saves time and the error is small. As the quality is also relatively light, so there is no pressure when worn.

Sum up:
Every detail of this unique collection value belongs to the double replica Franck Muller Infinity series watches contain the eternal professional persistence and moving creative spirit and talent. It can be used by collectors to play at close range. And this high quality steel quartz women or men watch will not let people down.