Don’t hesitate to love beauty. After all, the beauty is the instinct of human beings. And this high quality diamonds quartz women watch will not let people down.

Roman Numbers markers in different colors. White dial with sunbeam can enrich the layers of space. Round 18k rose gold plated bezel is filled with three rows of colorful gemstones that is paved on the polished bezel.

The blue pointers have a unique design that combines with the entire dial to create a childlike picture. Moreover, the strap of the watch is the same color, and the two echoes well, making the whole watch harmonious and elegant. In order to make the dial more concise and beautiful, the watch does not have a second hand and a scale ring, which reduces the reading time function of watch.

In fact, if adopted the central track scale circle of brand may solve this problem. Therefore, even without the second hand and the scale ring, the watch will still be liked by female consumers.

Engraved with the logo of Franck Muller, the crown in small onion shape is 18K rose gold. 18k rose gold plated snap case back of this watch is round and there are some dots stay in the back. With the logo and the details of the brand, the back is abundant.

The lugs Just like a scroll tied the strap to the dial, which shows a classic charm. Decorated with rose gold, the ends of the lugs are embellished with white diamonds to hold the straps very well. The rectangular part in the middle is decorated with colored stones and extends the curve of the case very well. And integrated with the bezel, the luxury appearance of the watch is further displayed to consumers.

Equipped with a Quartz (Battery) Kinetic movement, the watch is simple. It is also one of the features of this replica watch. It saves a lot of trouble for daily life and is very suitable for people who travel frequently and have a fast pace of life. Crocodile leather strap in blue is 205 x 20 mm, which is enough for daily use. And the width of the strap has suitable size for women. With colorful diamonds, the 18K rose gold watch buckle has rounded curves, making the watch firmly on the wrist.

The Replica Franck Muller watch features a high-quality blue Genuine Leather strap leather strap for softness and comfort. And this strap is made of crocodile leather, the gloss is more vivid. Select the cortex of the abdomen belongs to crocodile, the pattern is very beautiful. Because it is limited in quantity, which is very precious. This is not a substitute for straps of other materials.