Franck Muller Crazy Hours 12 Art Deco Arabic Numerals Watch


As the formal establishment of the Franck Muller watch factory in Genthod, a small town near Geneva, in 1991, to more than 20 years later, it has become one of the most resounding names in the history of timepieces. From perfect breakthrough of appearance to the bold and innovative revolution of complex functions. The outstanding signature watch series has made the Franck Muller watch kingdom and won the brand the reputation of “master of complex functions”.

There are many more success stories to be found. Today we want to feel the brand’s heritage and innovation. The development of the crazy hour watch series by Franck Muller.

Franck Muller Crazy Hours, which has been the subject of endless speculation since its launch because of the confusing arrangement of Arabic numerals on the dial. In 2019, the brand launched Crazy Hours Remember wristwatch, which once let the public see the innovation and strength of Franck Muller. It’s also given Crazy Hours a new lease of life.

In 2018, Crazy Hours, still looks young and fashionable today, has been available for 15 years! To that end, Franck Muller recently held a grand dinner in Singapore. Franck Muller, the watchmaker who founded the eponymous label in 1992 and launched Crazy Hours in 2003.

This does not follow the common sense of the timing, the corresponding activities, nature is also creative. The spacious set transforms into a colorful and fantastic world, where guests can explore five Spaces with Franck Muller Crazy Hours photos in the background and leave amazing images behind.

In addition, the dinner time is also topical, but it fits the theme of the series very well: “lunch” starts at 8:30 PM, “breakfast” at 9:45 PM, and “dinner” starts at 11:00 PM.

When I first saw this watch, it was on the Basel watch show in 2003. If I didn’t witness the real thing with my own eyes, I thought Franck Muller was joking with many watch fans! Because Crazy Hours, the way it’s arranged numerically on the dial, completely destroys the inherent law of the dial!

Time definitely lives up to its name. On the barreled dial, there are still 12 Art Deco Arabic numerals neatly arranged, but the order of the numerals is not from 1 to 12 clockwise. In fact, there is an originality of Franck Muller watchmaker behind. According to the watchmaker Mr. Franck Muller, time is a serious subject, which has an unchangeable and unshakable law. On the other hand, he thinks the time has an interesting side, so he designed the Crazy Hours watch without violating the law of the time.

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