What about copy Franck Muller 8880


Relying on excellent promotion, Franck Muller is favored by numerous stars, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Its tonneau-shaped design and exaggerated digital scale are also fascinated by countless watch enthusiasts. There are also many Franck Muller watches in the replica watch world, and today the protagonist is this Franck Muller 8880 clone watch.

The size of this watch is 39.5X55.3mm. The 100% imported 316L stainless steel case is carefully carved using CNC machine tools. The enamel dial is made through more than a dozen procedures. The calendar magnifier is made of sapphire glass to restore authenticity as much as possible! The sun-ray texture of the dial is exceedingly appealing, and the enamel dial is used for texture processing with a dozen procedures, making it has excellent permeability!

The scale of the dial is three-dimensional. Thanks to the blue pointer, it is even more extraordinary! No glue marks can be seen on the edge of the sapphire glass. The thermal glue is integrated with the glass and the case in a 300-degree high-temperature oven. After baking, it does not mean that the work is completed. It is also necessary to fill the outside with ultraviolet glue to seal the gap. Fill up to prevent the dust from entering the gap during the later wearing process, which will not affect the appearance.

The arched case has excellent workmanship, especially the curvature of the sapphire mirror. However, because the mirror is difficult to form, it does not use high hardness sapphire, but the hardness is sufficient for normal wear. The side is brushed and polished smoothly, the LOGO on the crown is exquisite and beautiful, and the polishing is very stunning, which shows the outstanding workmanship.

The tightness of the bottom cover is the best in the imitated watch industry at present. The lettering on the bottom cover is made of laser and corrosion to make the font shiny and premium regardless of the font size and the depth of the lettering. The metal drawing process is also extremely delicate. Inside the back cover, the process of grinding the scale pattern is also exceptionally refined. The watch is equipped with an Asian ETA 2824 automatic movement, which ensures reliable stability.

This knock-off Franck Muller 8880 watch is paired with a calf leather strap with crocodile-skin texture and a pin-buckle.

It is said that the best way to spot a fake Franck Muller watch is to see if the letters on the bottom cover are shiny, however, this Franck Muller 8880 counterfeit overcomes this shortcoming! Personally, it can definitely be regarded as a cheap alternative to the ultra-expensive original Franck Muller watch, what do you think?