Review of Franck Muller watches


Franck Muller is a famous Swiss watch brand. It is famous for its fusion of American style and traditional Swiss watchmaking technology in the 1930s. It has the reputation of “Master of Complications”.

1.Design: The reason why Franck Muller watches are known as “Master of Complications” is because of their design. The small dial of a genuine Franck Muller watch is clear and well-positioned. Looking from the calendar window of a fake Franck Muller timepiece, the outside of the calendar dial is tilted backward, or the calendar dial is plastic. The weekly calendar dial uses Chinese to indicate the day of the week or the day of the week in English on the right and numbers on the left.

2.Movement: Franck Muller’s movement is the most striking, it is driven by two mainsprings, and the workmanship on the movement is neat and meticulous, and the stability is better. Look at the parts that cooperate with the movement, such as the exclusive arched case, the large tourbillon that is only 14 mm but flying in the air, standard screws, the exclusive high-efficiency operating system, etc., are all incomparable with fakes. The movement of the fake watch, although the surface looks more like, but cannot withstand careful comparison. For example, the material of the mainspring with the motive core looks relatively thin, there are imprints between the matched components, the stability of the movement is relatively poor, and so on.

3.Dial: The most special thing about Franck Muller watches is the colorful scale. Each Arabic numeral on the watch is different in color. In the design and application, each number is subjected to refined color matching and technical inspection to ensure that the saturation and color difference can be used without any problem.

The colorful markers of fake watches are made by imitating genuine ones, and chromatic aberrations will inevitably occur when copying. Therefore, the color numbers on the dial are not only not as bright as the genuine ones, but also have certain color differences.

4.Price: Because the watches made by the watchmakers of Franck Muller are highly complex and unique, the price of genuine watches is quite expensive. If an extra-cheap Franck Muller watch appears(under $2000), and it’s exceedingly likely a fake watch.

5. Back cover: Real Franck Muller watches, especially men’s watches, have many English letters on the back cover, which are marked with the brand, country, shockproof, waterproof, etc., and are also engraved with the brand’s exclusive trademark pattern, movement attributes and case digital. Because each movement and case number are different, the numbers will also be different. Because the back cover of fake Franck Muller timepiece is copied from the original ones, it is relatively fuzzy, and the numbers of each movement and case are the same.

Christmas is approaching, and Franck Muller presents timeless charm with some exclusive watches, including The Vanguard Crazy Hours series representing the brand’s innovative spirit and technological accomplishment, Double Mystery elegantly interpreting lady styles. The diamonds, gems and special time displays highlight the brand’s “pampering” for female watch lovers. The holiday season is, of course, a good time for lovers to express their true love. For gentlemen who are passionate about machinery, Vanguard Gravity Tourbillon is the best choice; and the Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady’s watch with diamonds in the same color is amazing-special hour jump display function meets the dual needs of female watch enthusiasts for external design and internal technical functions.

For ladies: Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady watches are set with sparkling diamonds. The non-sequential display of digital time scales breaks the tradition and brings a unique and fun way to read the time. The hour hand will jump to the next correct digital time scale every 60 minutes, showing fashion in a casual way. The genuine alligator leather strap sets off the charming elegance.

The classic Double Mystery is created with the exquisite craftsmanship of Franck Muller. The exquisite design highlights the elegance and charm of women. Equipped with the hour and minute turntables with different speeds, inlaid with fine diamonds on the inside and outside, to get rid of pointers or digital scales, subvert the tradition, and define a new way of reading with gemstone time scales.

For gentleman: Vanguard Crazy Hours timepieces are bold and avant-garde in design, demonstrating the brand’s strength and unique aesthetics, suitable for fashion people who are not afraid of adventure. The dial is paired with embossed figures, the winding crown controls the hour-jump module and the automatic movement. The moving curve adds a different dynamic to Vanguard’s classic design.

For couples: The Vanguard Gravity Tourbillon watches are an ideal combination of advanced technology and sporty style. It is the perfect gift for lovers who seek precise timing tools. The perfect line blends the extraordinary power of the mechanical device. This watch has an outstanding design and presents a unique tourbillon frame concept with an innovative oval dial and aluminum structure. The 16 pieces of brilliant-cut diamonds decorated on 18k white gold buckle of the handmade alligator strap add refinement and value to the watch.